Art by Florina

About Me
Hi. Welcome to my blog, im glad you found your way here. I am a 20 year old girl living in the south parts of Sweden. Originally i am from Kosovo, but i was born and raised in Sweden. I am currently in collage, studying to become a dental hygienist. I created this blog to be able to share my work and passions. 
Art is my "main" hobby. I've been an artist for about 5 years i think, started taking it "seriously" in 2011/2012. I first started off with just pencil drawings but then developed an intrest in acrylic painting as well. So now im doing both. Art, for me, is leaving the world for a while and steping into my own bubble. It is my way of calming my thoughts and not letting me think about anything else exept for what's in front of me. The art itself, on the canvas or paper, does not always represent my feelings. I put the good/bad energy into the brush or pen. What my paper or canvas represent is my creative piece of mind. It can be something i've seen or just any random thought that crossed my mind that i feel like i need to put on paper or canvas.
To add up recently, in 2017, architecture has taken my mind as well. I've always been facinated by beautiful buildings but it has never crossed my mind to consider doing architecture myself until now. I am NOT an architect even though i will be creating alot of it here, as you eventually will see. But i do want to study to become an architect, in the future. I'll let you know eventually if that gets placed on the plate. 
Since i am a bookworm, i will post many tips about books that i have read and books i will be reading. Since i also like to write myself, i will be posting small pieces of my own texts. Other than that, fashion will probably come up, music and any other random stuff that comes to my mind. I hope you like it, and if you have anything on your mind that you want to tell me, feel free to leave a comment.
Most of the pictures i post will be taken by me, if i do not indicate anything else on the posts. I use a Canon EOS 750D, camera lens:  Canon 18-55mm IS STM and Canon EF 50 mm F1.8 STM. Some pictures might as well be taken with my Iphone 4. 
Love, Florina.