Art by Florina

You walked into the room and now my heart has been stolen.
Black dots and fur.
I've been working on this paiting for quite a long time. But not really WORKING on it, i just started it and then school and other things came in the way, so i never finished it right after i choose to work with it. But about a week ago, the last brush stroke touched it. I used oil paint in the eye since i think that oils blend into eachother a bit easier and it does not dry just as quick as acrylic. The rest of the painting is acrylic painting. The canvas is 1m x 0,5m, so it is the biggest paiting i've done so far. I am really motivated to continue on big canvas rather than smaller ones. I feel like i get out alot more from doing bigger, like better details and simply exercising on thinking and painting bigger. I hope you like the painting. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and also feel free to follow my instagram for more pictures @florinameholliart. Have a nice evening.