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NLY Shoes
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so in love.
This song and Ed Sheerans whole new album, i love it. 
worth watching!

One tree hill: This serie is about a group of friends. You get to follow their journey on life from their teenage years up to their adult life. It is about friendship, love and hate.
Prison break: When Michaels brother Lincoln gets put behind bars, Michael finds out he is innocent. From there on he does everything to get him out of jail. He starts out with a plan and puts himself in jail to get them both out together. It's about brotherhood, love and survival.
Menekse ile halil: This serie is about forbidden love. It's about a couple who fall in love and are forced to get out on the run to be able to be together. It's about love, family and heartbreak. Edit: It's a turkish serie.
Suits: Mike Ross is a guy with a genious photogenic mind. One day he accidentaly slips into Harvey Specters hands and gets employed in a lawfirm. In this serie you get to follow his journey as a lawyer without a degree and all the negatives and positives that follows with it. Im currently watching season 4, and i think its a good serie.